3-letter domains about to expire:S5O.com, 9FI.net, 5mu.com

April 12th, 2011

These ones will be turning the corner fairly soon.


Analysis: the O at the end is strange as it could be confused with the digit 0. It has some Alexa ranking.  Owner has originally listed it for sale at USD5,000.

Ideas: 5 could be five oceans, excellent for a maritime company, how about Service Five Oceans, Shipping Five Oceans.


Ideas: mu could be the name of the Greek letter μ (mu) and it could be used by a technology company that has five areas of expertise, or one simply called 5μ


Analysis: The .com version is not in use.  This one could be used by an entity in Finland, for example a TV or radio station.

Grab them before it is too late:

You can learn about this and other engaging facts about expiring domains by visiting restoredomains.com. Detailed statistics information per domain appears by selecting the icon to the left of each domain.