Domain names: Are the better ones taken?

May 31st, 2011

It is a common misconception that the best domain names have been taken. The truth is, the way most registrars view them, a name is only leased for a finite number of months or years.

Consider this example, a cache of  names with the * name suffix have been recently released back into the public at once, among them, names like,, etc.

Back when they were on offer in bulk, they would have fetched about $112 each.  Today, a lot of them are free for the asking.

Remember, these are still recessionary times so even the most avid domain holders are letting go of some of their once-prized posessions.

Here are some finds in the Top x area to prove that some really good domain names are still available, you just need some persistence and timing.

Top 100:

Analysis: this could be used for a box office top 100 or YouTube top 100 in a given category.

Top 1o:

Analysis: A very brandable name, it could be used for a scheduler application that keeps users informed of the top 10 things they need to do.

Analysis: A fantastic name for a membership discount card. Even if there are not 10 stores or 10 products on offer, it could suggest a touch of distinction to its users.

Tip: you can use to search for key expressions such as coupon, tools, weight, college, not only for .com and .net, but also for .mobi, .ca, .info, and .biz.